Creating More Inclusive Spaces: Our Roles as Institutional Actors

This session will discuss our roles as institutional actors/representatives in disrupting oppressive forces that are pervasive in society and within institutions. During this session, we bring participants to a heightened level of awareness around historical and contemporary institutional oppression. We discuss the socialization process, and how a lack of critical consciousness, can lead to the perpetuation of all forms of oppression, specifically racism. In addition, we discuss how a lack of critical consciousness can lead to disparate academic and social outcomes, and can also lead to an unhealthy identity development for all.  

The ultimate objective of this session is to engage participants in activities that will lead them to a heightened critical consciousness around systemic oppression and privilege. We will also discuss concepts like implicit bias and give participants resources and tools to aid them in beginning their own journey toward becoming equity-focused agents of change within our various institutions.

Two-Generation Learning
Location: Caribbean Salons I-II-III-IV Date: September 26, 2018 Time: 8:15 AM - 10:15 AM Dr. Karen Ortiz Daniel Spikes Sue Gallagher Adamma DuCille