Adamma DuCille

Title: Assistant Director of Training and Capacity Building

Organization: Children’s Services Council of Broward County

Bio: Adamma DuCille is an executive-level professional with over fourteen years of experience in social service and non-profit leadership. She currently serves as the assistant director of training and capacity building with the Children’s Services Council of Broward County. As A.D., she leads a team responsible for the coordination of training opportunities, leadership development, organizational capacity building efforts and the strategic development of community based collaborative partnerships.

Prior to her start at the Children’s Services Council, Adamma dedicated most of her career to providing leadership, direction and oversight of initiatives aimed at addressing critical needs in areas such as; child abuse and neglect, income inequalities, aquatics safety, food disparities, school readiness, literacy, community safety, closing the education gap and creating access and equity for individuals with special needs.

Formally educated at Florida Atlantic University where she earned her Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology, she puts her love for the study of the mind and behavior into practical use by strategically identifying and aligning individuals with like interests and goals.

Adamma has a passion for helping local child and family serving non-profits build their capacity and increase factors that support growth and sustainability. She excels in facilitating collaborative partnerships and has aided numerous non-profits in establishing partner networks, collaborative alliances and resource sharing systems with an end goal of creating symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationships that improve organizational performance and functionality.


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