FEATURED SESSION: Breaking Bias: Introduction to Unconscious Bias

Do you fully understand the impact of Unconscious Bias on your professional and personal effectiveness? All evaluative processes by people about people—such as when, where, why, and how we work with parents/guardians, learners, educators, community partners—are affected by unconscious bias. This interactive and experiential workshop will introduce the concept of unconscious bias—the mental shortcuts our brains take to help us make decisions quickly. This workshop is for you if you’d like to develop a deeper understanding of the filters through which you view the world; explore key learnings about the mind and the research that underlies unconscious bias, and identify ways to break the biases that hinder human engagement and collaboration.

Location: Tucson Ballroom C & D Date: October 11, 2017 Time: 8:15 AM - 11:00 AM Eric Polite II