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Figuring in Families: Family Math as a Path to Equity, Sponsored by Heising-Simons Foundation

Kentucky Ballroom Salons A-B-C-D November 6, 2019 8:15 am - 10:15 am

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Dr. Margaret Caspe
Susana Beltran Grimm
Nydia Prishker, PhD
Kimberly Brenneman, PhD

Our nation’s educational system has historically denied children of color, those learning multiple languages, and those from low-income homes opportunities to become proficient in mathematics. At the same time that we work to change school systems to become equitable, we can mobilize families as positive influences on the early mathematics learning of their children, just as they are for reading. In this session we will learn about the elements of mathematics (it’s more than counting and shapes!) and look for math learning opportunities in everyday life. We will celebrate the strengths of families as they interact in mathematical ways with their children, and we will discuss initiatives to support families to do even more math with their children in joyful and natural ways. Participants will leave the session with concrete strategies and resources that they can share with the families they serve. Our ultimate goal is that every learner is empowered with the math confidence and skills required to thrive in school and to participate in the 21st century workforce.