General Session

Opening Session

Marriott Ballroom November 4, 2019 8:00 am - 9:30 am

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Sharon Darling
Karen L. Mapp, Ed.D.
Chloe Goodman

The 2019 Families Learning Conference kicks off with NCFL’s President and Founder, Sharon Darling. We will hear from former family literacy student, Chloe Goodman, who will share her learning journey, from quitting high school to earning her GED® and raising three successful children.

Next, attendees will enjoy an hour-long keynote by Dr. Karen L. Mapp, senior lecturer on Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education and faculty director of the Education Policy and Management Master’s Program.

Over fifty years of research on the impact of family engagement and home-school partnerships reveals a strong link between these partnerships and improved student learning and development as well as overall school improvement. Despite this research, many states, districts and schools still lack an intentional focus on the development of effective partnerships between families and schools. 

In this keynote, Dr. Karen L. Mapp will discuss the Dual Capacity Framework for Family-School Partnerships, a tool she developed in collaboration with the United States Department of Education. This research-based framework identifies the goals and conditions necessary to develop and sustain effective family-school partnership initiatives and identifies the practice strategies that support student learning and school improvement.

Following her keynote, Dr. Mapp will be signing her latest book, Powerful Partnerships: A Teacher’s Guide to Engaging Families for Student Success. Books may be purchased at Registration during open hours.

Thanks to our partner Scholastic for providing the opportunity for Conference attendees to hear from Dr. Mapp!